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Awesome Basement Laundry Room Remodel Ideas

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This is somewhat like storing garden tools in the loft. The dominant thinking now is to get the laundry room nearer to the bedrooms.

This is simpler than it was since homes are typically more broad, and since there are more options of appliance versions which may fit into closets and other tight spaces.

Whenever you are remodeling laundry rooms, the initial obstacle is finding the most likely place to set the laundry room. Almost certainly, some adjustments might need to be forced to walls.

Total sized washers and dryers are 5 or 4 inches deeper than many closets. Think of what’s on the opposite side of the closet and what happens in the event that you split the wallsocket.

You might look at streamlined machines, however they won’t handle the work load when you’ve got a family. There are a couple stackable models with big capacity. These can operate in a narrow space. Obviously, in an perfect arrangement, you would have a sink and space to put away the laundry.

A room (even if it’s no larger than a walk-in closet) could be far better.

That will provide you space to get the ironing board, and maybe a linen closet (or at least a few shelves). In case the room exists, don’t forget to confirm the door thickness when remodeling laundry rooms, to be certain the appliances may fit through the opening.

Both appliances in your brand new laundry room require there own dedicated electric circuits. Producers’ booklets will provide you the information concerning the voltage and other specialized information. A gas dryer will require a new gas line. The washing machine may even require both warm and cold water lines attached to it.

This might be a major deal, depending on where the nearest water lines are. You’ll need to open a wall to get the pipes, and you may need a couple holes until it is possible to tap into an existing line.

Let’s not neglect the drain. The washer must tap into a drain in order to insure you won’t have any potential escapes. Perhaps you have noticed a washing machine which has not overflowed sometimes?

It is not too large a project in a ranch home with a complete basement, but when you are putting a drain to the 2nd floor of the home, it is more complicated (aka expensive).

An floor pan to capture the water and guide it into the drain is a cheap and decent idea. Dryer vents should move outside, either via the roof, or through the side wall of the home.

If you are remodeling laundry room on the 2nd floor, I would recommend using top quality hoses. They are a bit more expensive initially, but they will provide you peace of mind.

Hopefully, you’ve got over the usual closet-sized space for your laundry room. In case you’ve got a decent sized room (minimum of 8 10), or whether you’re renovating an existing laundry space, attempt to include a laundry room cabinets.

They’ll create your laundry room more useful and more coordinated, making your laundering job much easier (if you follow these hints ).

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